Paleochannels of the Salt River: presentation


Ramon Arrowsmith, PhD.
James Tyburczy, PhD.
Kenneth Fergason, M.S. Candidate
Department of Geology
Arizona State University
(480) 965-3541


How can we use our knowledge of the geology of the southeast Valley to improve recharge?

Idea of paleochannel

Geologic framework: geology of the Valley is one of degraded mountain ranges buried by their own debris and the intervening basins are filled with these materials.
These materials represent very attractive targets: knowledge of where they are and their extent and short term flowpaths is very important. They are 10-15x more permeable. Geology of the Valley with the paleochannel deposit extent roughed out. Red lines indicate constrained portions.
Chandler quad map
Recharge sites with the paleochannel deposit extent roughed out.
Example of importance for recharge: Gilbert study: example

This is what we will do


Well information
Driller knowledge
Geologic correlation
Geophysical methods for subsurface imaging.

Advantages of g

Spectrum of tools.
Good experience using them.
EM looks good. Resistivity!
Good sensitivity to the targets
Capability of use within urban areas.
Integrated results figure from TTL.