Lower Indian Bend Wash tour and 2/14/03 flooding

Lower IBW tour--2/10/03

Near Tempe Town Lake (TTL):  entering an 
"undeveloped area..."

Near Tempe Town Lake:  entering an "undeveloped



Lowermost IBW

Old mesquite along lowermost IBW

Lower IBW just below Curry

Storm drain near Curry

Curry gage

Golf Course just above Curry

Road as part of storm drain system

Debris in drain

Golf Course above Curry (Rio Salado GC--Lake 
and umphouse).

Channel at McKellips

Channel at McKellips

Shells from channle at McKellips

Leakage at lower end of McKellips Lake

Lower end of McKellips Lake

McKellips Lake

McKellips Lake

McKellips North (lake B) from the north

Channel wall above McKellips N.

Softball field that was a lake (McKellips B west)

Channel wall and bank erosion above McKellips N

Groundwater input at Roosevelt

Lake C lower end from below

Lake D with Egret from south

Lake E from south

Lake F wetland

Urban runoff input area at lake F wetland

Nancy's favorite urban stream phot (@McDowell)

Lake G with mesquite bosque

Lake H (low with intake)

Lake H with input from urban runoff zone produces
small clastic delta that is a contrast with the silts and clays
of lake floor that provides a nice substrate for clams.

Mudcrack with trash sedimented in

Lake H wall erosion

Message about dry out of Lake H.

IBW flooding on 2_14_02

Curry Gage

Gage link is at:  http://az.waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?site_no=09512162

Here is gage data from the Flood Control District for IBW at McDonald:
Data come from:


Here is rain information:

From Maricopa County Flood Control District.  Shows 5 day total (really 1-2 days of the storm across the valley). Source is:
Here is ppt data from IBW at McKellips:   showdata2.txt  (source is

Runoff and PPT


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