How to Add a User to Hurricane


There are two main steps: 1.) Username and password for hurricane; and 2.) Username and password for Samba network.


1.) Username and password for hurricane


• ssh to hurricane as root


# ssh -2 -l root


• adduser command


# adduser


Use option ``-silent'' if you don't want to see all warnings and questions.


Check /etc/shells

Check /etc/master.passwd

Check /etc/group

Enter your default shell: csh date no sh tcsh [csh]:


• accept default values for all options


Enter your default shell: csh date no sh tcsh [csh]:

Your default shell is: csh -> /bin/csh

Enter your default HOME partition: [/home]:

Copy dotfiles from: /usr/share/skel no [no]:

Do not copy dotfiles.

Send message from file: /etc/adduser.message no [no]:

Do not send message

Use passwords (y/n) [y]:


• enter username, full name, and accept additional defaults (EXCEPT UID), and select password (ramon used as an example)


Ok, let's go.

Don't worry about mistakes. I will give you the chance later to correct any input.


Enter username [a-z0-9_-]: ramon

Enter full name []: J Ramon Arrowsmith

Enter shell csh date no sh tcsh [csh]:

Enter home directory (full path) [/home/ramon]:

Uid [1000]: (NOTE: Uid should match userid on alai/lenina)

Enter login class: default []:

Login group ramon [ramon]:

Login group is "ramon". Invite ramon into other groups: guest no


Enter password []: changeme1

Enter password again []: changeme1


•confirm all information and quit adduser


Name:     ramon

Password: ****

Fullname: J Ramon Arrowsmith

Uid:      1000

Gid:      1000 (ramon)


Groups:   ramon

HOME:     /home/ramon

Shell:    /bin/csh

OK? (y/n) [y]:

Added user "ramon"

Add another user? (y/n) [y]: n



2.) Username and password for Samba network


Note: Samba password should eventually be the same as for the PC used to connect to Hurricane.


• add Samba user and password


hurricane# /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd -a ramon changeme1

Added user ramon.


3. Inform user of username and temporary passwords to be changed


• change Hurricane password by logging in and typing passwd at the prompt


• change Samba password by logging into Hurricane and typing /usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd at the prompt