Active Tectonics, Quantitative Structural
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Computer Networking:  Using Shared Disks,
WWW Pages, Zip Disks, and Jaz Disks
    The Active Tectonics Lab computer facility is designed to share files, WWW documents, and disks with Macintosh, PC, and UNIX machines.  Our server is set up to share these data between all three environments that we use in order to seemlessly integrate the software available on these different platforms.  This document is a guide that demonstrates how to use files and folders from our file sharing computer, how to modify World Wide Web documents, and how to use Zip and Jaz disks from any of the machines in the lab.

File Sharing: MacData
 The group provides hard disk space on which to store research data and publications.  You may access this disk from both the Macintosh computers on campus or the PC computers in the Active Tectonics lab.

Web Sharing
    I have moved our group home page to our file server in order to make it easier for everyone to post their research on the internet.  The address of our home page is but I will try to have it changed to soon.
 To modify or make web pages that will be posted on the internet, do the following: Sharing Zip or Jaz Disks
 I have set up our server so that group members can access files stored on Zip or Jaz disk from either the Macintosh or the PC.  The procedure for using the disks is described below: Transferring files to the SGI
 In order to transfer files to the UNIX workstation (, you must use FTP to put the files on the machine.  On the Macintosh, use Fetch to do this, on the PC, use FTP.  For more detailed instructions on what FTP is and how to use Fetch or FTP, refer to the Computers in Geology website at