ArcIMS and Support Software Installation

By Jeff Conner


            In order to install ArcIMS, Java, Apache, tomcat and ANT must also be installed.  This document contains links to the installation instructions for each product as well as some special instruction that aren’t in the installation instructions.




Download the 64 bit j2se jre from


Installation instructions can be found at




Installation instructions can be found at for version 1.3 and for version 2.0.


Packages can be downloaded from




Installation instructions can be found at


Packages can be downloaded from




Download binaries from


Installation instructions at click on installing ant and then installing ant




Installation instructions can be found on the Arcims installation CD.  This will provide a basic installation.




-         Make sure that apache and tomcat are started before you attempt to start the arcims services.

-         There is a script called aims_bootup that is stored in $AIMSHOME/Xenv that should be used to start the arcims services.  When creating a startup script use this script to start the services.

-         To test to see if arc services are started properly open a web browser.  Open the page stored in $AIMSHOME/Xenv/ArcIMS_Diagnostics/ArcIMS_Diagnostics.html.  Click on the “1” button and then the “2” button.  If both tests succeed the services are working.

-         Arcims should be run from a user account called “arcims”.  Make sure when you initially launch aimsadmin it is run from user arcims.  All arc services should also be started as arcims user.

-         For some reason the services (Apache, Tomcat, aims_bootup), when started in script form when the machine is booted, will not work properly.  Aimsadmin complains about services not being started, etc.  The solution is to manually start, Apache, wait…, Tomcat, wait…, aims_bootup.