Share Folder Write-up

By Jeff Conner



            I have created a folder on hurricane called "share".  This folder can be used by anyone in the group to share data with other members of the group.  The folder has group permissions that allow read, write and execute by everyone who has an account on hurricane. The folder can be found on hurricane (through an ssh terminal) at /home/groups/share.  It can also be found from a windows machine by going to the start menu and clicking on run.  Enter "\\" and your username and password if prompted.  You should see the share folder.

            Since the samba permissions are setup per share it is HIGHLY recommended that you access the share folder by connecting directly to it and not through a shortcut in your home drive.  Accessing the share via shortcut in your home drive will cause the permissions to be set incorrectly and other members of the group will be unable to access the files.

            If you would like assistance in mapping a drive to the share folder, if you are unable to access this folder from a windows machine or unable to write to it please contact the Technical Support person for the group and they will assist you.