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Mediterranean Landuse Dynamics Interactive Map Server

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 The ArcIMS currently displays only regional data, however ASTER satellite imagery, topography and other relevant project data will be added.

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ASU School of Human Evolution and Social Change

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ArcIMS Data Download


NE view into the Jordan River Valley, catchments were delineated  and displayed as colored polygons

ArcGIS Shapefiles

Download all shapefiles for the Jordan Valley region, Spain or the Mediterranean region

*Shapefiles for Spain and Jordan are projected to UTM 30N & 36N respectively. Mediterranean region data are in WGS-1984 

ArcHydro was used to create watershed maps for these regions using DEM's.  For more information on this ArcMap tool, see below

Related Documentation/Links:
- ESRI website for ArcHydro Information/Download ArcHydro  
- Water Resource Consortium website for ArcHydro Information/Download ArcHydro  
- University of Texas step-by-step guide instruction on getting started with ArcHydro (Word document)  

ASTER VIS/Near-IR Satellite image (3-2-1) of the Jordan River Valley

Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER)

The data for this project is stored in the shared drive in the Sagunto server in the respective folder (Jordan or Spain under 'Imagery').  Level 1a and 1b data exist here, as well as 1b data that has been georeferenced using ENVI 4.0 in both geotiff and ESRI grid formats. 

Related Documentation/Links:
-PDF on how to Georeference ASTER level 1b data using ENVI software  
- Word document explaining ASTER files located on the Sagunto server - ASTER files on Sagunto  
- Main NASA ASTER webpage  
- Search for ASTER scenes using the USGS Global Visualization Viewer  
- Visit the Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC)- Earth Observing System Data Gateway to Purchase ASTER Scenes and other earth system data products  

East view from the Jordan River Valley - streams show in blue and catchments are delineated with black lines


We used Hydro 1km, SRTM (90m) and ASTER DEM (30m) topography models on this website


Elevation Data File Type Spatial Reference Location Hillshade Description
Hydro 1k .zip (ESRI grid) WGS_1984 Africa          x DEM & corresponding hillshade ready for input into ArcMAP
Europe x
ASTER DEM (30m) .zip (ESRI grid) WGS UTM zone 30 Eastern Spain x DEM ready for input into ArcMAP
ASTER DEM (30m) .zip (ESRI grid) WGS UTM zone 36 Pella, Jordan x DEM & corresponding hillshade ready for input into ArcMAP
SRTM (90m) .zip (ESRI grid) WGS UTM zone 30 Eastern Spain x DEM ready for input into ArcMAP
SRTM (90m) .zip (ESRI grid) WGS UTM zone 36 Jordan River region x DEM & corresponding hillshade ready for input into ArcMAP

Related Documentation/Links:
Global coverage HYDRO 1k - download from the LP DAAC website
For more information see the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) USGS website. Download for free (also available are Modis, AVHRR and Landsat 7) at (GLCF). NASA has recently released Version II of the SRTM data. It can be downloaded directly from the following ftp website (Version II)

Geologic Map of the Iberian Peninsula

Geologic/Geomorphic Maps

Coming soon...


Related Documentation/Links:


Spain and Jordan Maps

Maps created in ArcGIS for the respective regions (all are .pdf's)

   Spain  Jordan
 - Regional maps x x
 - Pilot study areas x x
 - 3D ASTER w/ hillshade of Pilot areas x x




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