Advanced Field Geology 2003

Black Canyon City Landslide writing assignment


Strat team responsibilities and grading:

Individual writeups and drafting

75% effort for team subject

25% effort for overall understanding


Questions to address in the write-up (Due February 21 by 5 PM to Arrowsmith)

(should be a total of five pages (~1.5 spaced) plus any figures [Stratigraphic column and map of column description areas.]


An introductory page should address:

1)  What is the extent of the slide?  What defines it?  How is it separated from the unslid material around it?  

2)  What is the overall sense of motion of the slide?  How much deformation occurs along the margins of the slide versus its interior?  At what rate do you estimate that the slide is moving?  What is the relationship between the slide deformation pattern and topography?  

3)  What is the relationship between the slide and the rocks in which it is developed? Why is the slide here?  What controls the distribution of deformation?

4)  What hazard (if any) does this landslide pose to the residents of Black Canyon City?  What is your worst case scenario?  What is likely?  What could be done to mitigate the hazards you have identified?


The remaining 4 pages are dedicated to addressing the questions for your team:


DRAFT (by hand or computer) stratigraphic column of the rock mass that is inferred to have deformed.  Include standard stratigraphic description, key identifiers for the units (esp. basalts), as well as consider mechanical properties. See general mapping strategy point 1 below.  What is the stratigraphy? What is the inferred paleoenvironment?  What happened to the rocks once they got into the slide?