Welcome to Sarah Robinson's Home Page

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in geology at Arizona State University.  I have a broad range of interests in geology that include geomorphology, remote sensing, water quality and quanitity issues, and geoscience policy. 
Email: ser@asu.edu

I am part of the Active Tectonics, Quantitative Structural Geology and Geomorphology Research Group at ASU.  Coming Soon are links to my specific projects.
    -Remote Sensing in White Tank Mountains, AZ
This is a small version of one of my remote sensing images soon to be a link to the entire poster
    -Cosmogenic Dating of Quaternary Surfaces

Summer Internship:
I had an amazing opportunity to participate in a Science and Public Policy  Internship at American Geological Institute (AGI).  This internship, sponsored by AGI and the American Institute of Professional Geologists, is a way to educate future members of the geoscience community about Congress and policy  that affects the discipline. More to follow soon.

   -Geographic Information Systems

Cool links
    -Check out my alma mata....I am proud "Diplomat" from Franklin and Marshall College.  Check out their awesome geology department.
    -There is some really cool research going on at ASU about how a city like Phoenix effects its desert environment. See the Central Arizona Project Long Term Ecological Research home page.