Low Altitude Aerial Photography

We take low altitude aerial photos for the following purposes.
  • Paleoseismic research
  • Earthquake hazards
  • Fire and flooding hazards
Pros: You can fly a balloon without a wind.
Cons: You need helium gas. You cannot fly a balloon when it is very windy.
Please click here for more information on Balloon Photography.
Pros: You do not have to have helium to fly a kite. So this is effective where helium gas is not available.
Cons: You need a good wind to fly a kite.
Please click here for more information on Kite Photography.

Title URL Descriptions
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Balloon Aerial Photography http://gis.mapsofworld.com/aerial-photography/balloon-aerial-photography.html General information on balloon aerial photography
Aerial Digital Photography from a Balloon for Fifty Dollars http://lindholm.jp/chpro_bal.html Introductory balloon photography page
UND High-Altitude Balloon Project http://balloons.space.edu/habp/project_4/airphotos.html High-altitude balloon photos
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Arizona Balloon Company http://www.arizonaballoon.com/ Balloon manufacturer in Arizona
Aerial Kite Photography http://gis.mapsofworld.com/aerial-photography/aerial-kite-photography.html General information on kite aerial photography
Into The Wind http://www.intothewind.com/ A good website for kites and accessories
Kites http://kites.com/ A good website for kites
Kite Aerial Photography http://www.arch.ced.berkeley.edu/kap/index.html A lot of information on kite photography and equipments
Kite Aerial Photography E-Resources (KAPER) http://www.kaper.us/ A lot of information on kite photography and equipments
Great Plains Kite Aerial Photography http://www.geospectra.net/kite/kaphome.htm Kite aerial photoraphy by Professor James S. Aber and Susan W. Aber
Imaging Resource http://www.imaging-resource.com/ A digital camera link from Professor D. M. Burt

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Last updated:   July 13, 2012
by Tsurue Sato
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