An Urban Ecology IGERT seminar


John Roach
Ramón Arrowsmith
Nancy Grimm
Chris Eisinger
Jim Heffernan
Tyler Rychener

Geologic history

Download powerpoint file: GEOLHIST.ppt


Notes on georeferencing and the data system
Creating a shapefile in ArcGIS by Tyler Richener
Georeferenceing notes from Jim Hefferenan

Photos, etc.

Lower IBW photo tour and flooding 2_14_03

Analysis of discharge

Analysis of FCDMC (Flood Control District of Maricopa County) Gage data for IBW

Water levels

Water Resources of Arizona
If you click on 'Real time water data' you get: NWISWeb Data for Arizona
Under the above page, you can get to GW, surface water and water quality data: Ground-Water Data for Arizona
Under the above page, you can get water levels and site descriptions (and even real-time data from 11 wells) from two different links: Ground-water levels for Arizona; Ground-water Site Inventory for Arizona
Within the last two links, there are a number of options on getting to specific wells, including by county, lat-long box, station name ...

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