Samba Shares on Hurricane


By Jeff Conner




Notes on Access:  When accessing these shares from a windows machine it is very important that they be accessed individually and not from a unix shortcut.  For example:  If you need to access the share folder from a windows machine click on start, select run and enter \\ and open the share folder.  Do not create a shortcut in your home drive on hurricane and try to navigate to the share folder in windows through that.  The permissions are setup per share and if they are accessed via shortcut on another share the permissions will be incorrect.  Especially in the case of the share drive, your peers will not be able to access the files you have placed there if you access the share through a shortcut in your home drive.  If you have any questions please contact technical support for the group.  The hours for technical support can be found at


Accessing Shares Via SSH:  In the software share I have placed two programs for accessing the shares off campus.  They are putty and SSH Secure shell.  If you need assistance installing, downloading or using either of these please contact technical support.