ALSM Applications for Precarious Rock Research

The NCALM plane and scanner setup:

Plane and scanner details:
Average airplane flight elevation: 850 m above ground level
Laser pulse rate frequency: 125 KHz
Scanner mirror oscillation rate: 40 Hz
Scan angle = +/- 20 degrees

The LiDAR scanner detected a total of 357,755,780 laser returns for the entire scan area, with an average laser shot density of ~9 shots/m2.

Our first product is a 0.25 m digital elevation model (DEM) generated from the raw data using the GEON LiDAR Workflow. We used a search radius of 1 m and the inverse distance weighting interpolation method. For more on this, see Ramón Arrowsmith's explanation here:

Here's what the hillshades of the 0.25 m DEM look like:

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