Center for Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Environmental Data and Models

These web pages are dedicated to the development of a collaboration on Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Environmental Data and Models that may be enhanced with support from Prop 301 Information Technology funds.

Initial email of invitation

Current status

June 3, 2002

Proposal development has been shelved for the time being. The Prop 301 Information Technolgy efforts are being re-assessed following encouragement from the new University president. No new projects will be funded from the Prop 301 IT committee. The proposal may still contain some useful ideas and we should probably continue these discussions in order to achieve the next level of organization and project development in this area as opportunities may present themselves.I have tried to represent the contributions of different groups and people as best I could. Please let me know if you want to be recognized or contribute differently.
June 3, 2002 version of the proposal--html format
June 3, 2002 version of the proposal--MS word format
Thanks to all of you for your contributions and encouragement.

April 19, 2002

Arrowsmith gave a talk on 4_18_2002 at Prop 301 IT Open Forum (see presentation below).
A few of us met on 4_19_2002 and pondered where to take this (see presentation below).
We agreed to keep pushing. We need this information from you if you are interested:
Your ideas/comments on:
In general
A measure of your interest
Performance measures
New proposals that might be written with some critical pilot work done through such a center 
Names of colleagues to involve or get feedback
Please send this information to Ramon Arrowsmith ( before April 26, 2002. I will compile and get it back to you. I would like to have initial review from the committee in the first week of May.

Prop 301 Information Technology/Information Sciences information


April 18, 2002 Powerpoint presentation to Prop 301 IT Open Forum
Powerpoint format
HTML format

April 19, 2002 Powerpoint presentation for brainstorming meeting
Powerpoint format
HTML format


Proposal outline, April 19, 2002
MS Word format
HTML format

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April 19, 2002