Active Tectonics, Quantitative Structural Geology and Geomorphology



Faculty Advisors:
  Professor J Ramón Arrowsmith

Research Scientist:

  Chelsea Scott

Graduate Students:

  Emily Zawacki (co advised with Chris Campisano)
  Daniel Chupik (co advised with Chris Campisano)
  Alana Williams

Technical support:
  Javier Colunga

Graduates and where they are (as best we know):
  Tyler Scott, M.S., 2020
  Dominique Garello, Ph.D. (co-advised with Chris Campisano in ASU's School of Human Evolution and Social Change), May 2019. Lecturer, Louisiana State University
  Adam Wade, M.S., 2018, Geological Consulting
  Barrett Salisbury, Ph.D., 2016, Geologist--Engineering Geology, Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, State of Alaska
  Hurien Helmi, M.S., 2016, Geologist
  Gayatri Marliyani, Ph.D., 2016, Academic Staff, Geological Engineering Department, Gadjah Mada University
  Emily Kleber, M.S., 2015, Geologist, Utah Geological Survey
  David Haddad, Ph.D., 2014, Geologist, Conoco-Phillips
  Wendy Bohon Clarey (co advisor with Kip Hodges), Ph.D., 2014, IRIS
  Erin DiMaggio, Ph.D., 2013, Assistant Research Scientist, Department of Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University
  Jeff Lockridge (co advisor with Matt Fouch), M.S. 2011, Ph.D. 2015, North Central Michigan College
  Sarah Robinson, M.S., 2011, Northern Arizona University
  Nathan Toké, Ph.D., 2011, Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences at Utah Valley University starting Fall 2011.
  Melanie Busch (co advisor with Steve Reynolds), Ph.D., 2011, Geologist
  Olaf Zielke, Ph.D., 2010, Scientist at Earth Science and Engineering program, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
  Megan Muretta, M.S., 2009.
  Bryan MacFarlane, B.S., 2007.
  Jessica Block, M.S., 2007, Geologist and visualization expert at UC San Diego
  David Haddad, B.S., 2007; M.S., 2010; ConocoPhillips
  Maurits Thayer, M.S., 2006, Geologist
  Amanda (Thomson) Perkins, M.S., 2006.
  Christopher J. Crosby, M.S., 2006, Project Manager, OpenTopography, UNAVCO
  Mimi Diaz, M.S., 2004.
  Lela Prashad, M.S., 2004, Arizona State University 100 Cities Project
  Jeri Young, Ph.D., 2004, Research Geologist, Arizona Geological Survey
  Amanda MacLeod, B.S., 2003, REI
  Sarah E. Robinson, Ph.D., 2002, Assistant Professor of Geospatial Science at the US Air Force Academy
  Lee Amoroso, Ph.D., 2001, USGS, Flagstaff
  Matthew Baillie, B.S., 2001, Hydrology
  George Hilley, Ph.D., 2001, Associate Professor of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University
  Zack Washburn, M.S. 2001, self employed
  Ken Fergason, M.S., 2000, Project manager, AMEC
  Elizabeth (Stone) Zima, M.S., 2000, Geological Consulting
  Stephen Holloway, M.S., 1999, Research Associate, University of Oklahoma, Geology and Geophysics
  Sean McManus, M.S. 1998, National Solar Observatory
  Heidi Stenner, M.S., 1998, Earthquake geologist at Exponent
  Steven Wood, M.S. 1998, The Athenian School in Danville CA
  Kennan Murray, M.S. 1997, Project Geologist, Ninyo and Moore

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Last modified December 29, 2018