Active Tectonics, Quantitative Structural
Geology and Geomorphology


Central Asia
  Active Tectonics of the Northern Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan

Mediterranean Region
  Mediterranean Landuse Dynamics

  Geological framework for paleoanthropological research in the Middle Ledi area of the Afar Regional State, Ethiopia

Southern Baja California Peninsula
  Neotectonics Across an Active Oblique-Divergent Plate Margin, Southwestern Gulf of California

Offsets along the 1857 reach of the San Andreas Fault
Application of LiDAR data to constraining a late Pleistocene slip rate and vertical deformation of the Northern San Andreas Fault, Fort Ross to Mendocino, California
Geology and geomorphology of the San Andreas Fault at Parkfield, CA
Earthquake geology of the San Andreas Fault at the Van Matre Ranch Site
Earthquake geology and paleoseismology of the San Andreas fault at the Bidart site
Soda Lake, Carrizo Plain research project

  Geoinformatics in Action: Creation of a Geospatial Data System for the Transition Between the Colorado Plateau and Basin and Range Provinces
  Arizona State University Earthquake Information
  Environmental Geophysics, earth fissures, and recharge studies
  Precariously Balanced Rocks

  ASU GEON Pages
  LiDAR / ALSM related research
  SWGEONET - Geoinformatics in Action: Creation of a Geospatial Data System for the Transition Between the Colorado Plateau and Basin and Range Provinces
  Geographic Information System (GIS) applications

  LiDAR / ALSM related research
  Diffusion erosion modeling
  2004 SCEC workshop report (Integrated studies of fault zones; LiDAR and other hi res imaging of fault systems; Information technology: enabling infrastructure)
  Kite and Balloon Aerial Photography Pages


Central Asia
  Active Tectonics in the Pamirs
  Active Tectonics along the Altyn Tagh Fault
  Clickable map of Asian research areas

  Carrizo Plain Tectonogeomorphology Project
  Santa Cruz Mountains Research Project
  Ongoing studies of the 1992 Landers, California earthquake fault scarps along the Emerson Fault
  Earthquake geology along the Cholame segment of the SAF
  Kettleman Hills Aerial Photography
  Hog Lake balloon photography and topographic surveying

  Geology and Remote Sensing of the White Tanks Mountains, Arizona
  Proterozoic Geology of the Union Hills, North Phoenix, Central Arizona
  Central Arizona Phoenix Long Term Ecological Research project: Quaternary geology and geomorphology
  Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing of Brush Fire Scars in Arid Urban Regions: Analysis of Future Fire and Flooding Hazards
  Monitoring and studying the Black Canyon City Landslide
  Urban and Natural processes and Greater Phoenix 2100
  Quaternary geology and mapping notes as well as Salt River Field trip guide
  Lake Mary Fault zone, Arizona studies
  Sinkholes in northeastern Arizona
  Indian Bend Wash IGERT seminar
  Rodeo-Chedeski wildfire studies
  Urban impact project

  AGU/NSF Geoinformatics Interim Steering Committee
  Center for Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Environmental Data and Models

  EUROPALEOS--field training course in paleoseismology topographic and photo pages
  Ramon's computer tidbits
  Fault scarp links

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