GLG 494 Interdisciplinary and Career Opportunities in the Geoscienes

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Thursdays 12:20pm-2pm
ECGG320 (Engineering G-wing)

January 22 Introductions, syllabus discussion, defining class priorities Nathan
January 29 Discussions of disciplinarity and interdisciplinarityNathan
February 5 Exploration of Job/scholarship/research resourcesNathan (Planetary/Space Papers to class)
February 12 Planetary and Space ExplorationVeronica and Andy (Paleostudies papers to class)
February 19 Paleostudies (climate, bio, human evolution)/ecologyThomas, Brad V., Alexis
February 26 Career Opportunities and research perspectivesTed Lehman (Geomorphologist - JE Fuller and Associates) and Dr. Jeri Young (AZGS)
March 5 Career opportunities and research perspectivesProfessor Steve Semken (Geoscience Education and Ethnogeology) and Professor Braden Allenby (Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and of Law (Reflection paper or application due)
March 12 SPRING BREAK - NO CLASS NOBODY (Geoscience and Policy papers to class)
March 19 Geoscience and Policy, law, planning, hazards etcEmily, Mark, and Brad K. (Energy and Resources papers to class)
March 26 Geoscience and Energy/Resources David and Kayla (Geoscience Ed papers to class)
April 2 Geoscience educationJeff and Josh
April 9 Career Opportunities and research perspectives Professor Hilairy Hartnett (Biogeochemistry) and Professor Phil Christensen (Planetary Geosciences) (DRAFT CVs Due)
April 16 Career Opportunities and research perspectivesMimi Diaz (AZGS Working with Government agencies and informing stakeholders) and Professor Steve Reynolds (careers in mineral/energy resources with other other interesting info I am sure)(Reflective Paper 2 or Application Due)
April 23 Workshop on Grad School, CVs and CareersProf. Arrowsmith and Nathan
Please read: Applying to Geoscience Graduate Schools
April 30 Curriculum Reflection - Letter to SESENathan
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