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Neotectonics Across an Active Oblique-Divergent Plate Margin, Southwestern Gulf of California

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DRGs (1:50K)
Southern Carrizal Fault (southwestern La Paz Basin)
Southcentral La Paz Basin
Southeastern La Paz Basin
Punta Las Pilitas
Northern Carrizal Fault (northwestern La Paz Basin)
Northeastern La Paz Basin

NW_southwestern La Paz Basin
NC_southwestern La Paz Basin
SC_southwestern La Paz Basin
NW_northwestern La Paz Basin
SC_northwestern La Paz Basin
NW_northeastern La Paz Basin
NC_northeastern La Paz Basin
SW_northeastern La Paz Basin
SC_northeastern La Paz Basin

Digital Elevation Models
30m DEM from contours produced by our collegue Genaro at the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur

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