Greater Phoenix 2100: IT proposal development

ITR/IM: Tracking the untrackable: Using information technology to chronicle the skyrocketing urban growth of Greater Phoenix, Arizona from 1900 to 2100

Taking the Pulse of an Expanding Urban Region: an Urban eAtlas for Greater Phoenix--OLD TITLE
A preproposal to the NSF-Information Technology Research Program (Information Management and Applications): Group proposal, <$1M/yr for 5 years.

Ramon Arrowsmith, Department of Geological Sciences and Frederick Steiner, School Of Planning & Landscape Architecture

Arizona State University

Please give input and advice and participate! Everything is open to change and what is here is pretty much a straw person that I (Arrowsmith) put together in a short amount of time.

NSF Information Technology Research

NSF ITR web site

Emails and other communications

Mesoscale circulation
Education and outreach
Compiled comments from Jana Fry
Compiled comments from Fritz Steiner
General advice and help
ASU/LANL partnership


Email introduction from Arrowsmith (Fri, 13 Oct 2000)
Old Outline
PRE-preproposal version 0.4 (10/23/00)
One pager (11/8/00)

Preproposal v 1.0

preproposal version 1 (11/19/00) WEB version--formatting not great
preproposal version 1 (11/19/00) MS WORD version--5.1 Mb--DOES not always work past page 10.
Here are some pieces:
preproposal no figures MS WORD
Figure 1 Word doc
Figure 1 web page
Figure 2 Word doc
Figure 2 web page
Figure 3 Word doc
Figure 3 web page
Figure 4 Word doc
Figure 4 web page
Figure 5 Word doc
Figure 5 web page
Figure 5--perhaps should be redrafted

Preproposal FINAL submitted version (11/27/00)

Preproposal complete PDF file
Preproposal project description (5 pages) MS WORD file

Greater Phoenix 2100

Powerpoint presentation by Jon Fink
Greater Phoenix 2100-like Projects

Other information

San Francisco Bay Estuary Institute and the EcoAtlas
Geoinformatics Initiative (
Arizona Geographic Alliance
Networking Our Research Legacy: Infrastructure to Document, Manage, and Access Ecological Data Resources. P. McCartney, C.Gries, T. Craig, N. Grimm and C. Redman. National Science Foundation, Biological Databases and Informatics, December 1999. PROPOSAL
USC Sustainable Cities
Industrial/Research partnerships

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